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Long Island Oil to Gas Heating Conversion

Oil to Gas Heat Conversion Services From Turnabout Plumbing

Turnabout Plumbing and Heating is your local qualified and fully licensed plumbing service available to convert your oil heating system to a more efficient natural gas heating system. We offer a selection of heating units that will fit your home heating requirements, and at Turnabout Plumbing we strive to work within your budget. We will show you how converting from oil to gas heating will amount to long term savings on your annual heating costs. We will also be happy to work out a maintenance program to keep your updated natural gas system operating cleanly and efficiently. We are also endorsed by National Grid as a qualified Long Island plumbing and gas conversion company who will ensure your Long Island oil to gas conversion meets all necessary safety requirements.



The 3 Main Reasons to Convert From Oil to Long Island Natural Gas Heating!

1: Improve Your Long Island Home’s Heating System

The first place your oil furnace, boiler or tank can pollute may be your own home.
Converting to Long Island natural gas heating is cleaner and healthier for you and your family

  • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and unlike oil, produces no soot or fumes.
  • When you switch from oil to gas, you get rid of all the problems and hazards associated with oil tanks.
  • natural gas produces 30% lower CO2 compared to heating oil and with new high efficiency gas heating units you can cut current CO2 emissions by up to 40%.
  • Natural gas is far easier to maintain. Cleaner heating equipment means less maintenance and repairs.
  • Natural gas adds value to your home and is the preferred heating choice among homeowners across the U.S. In fact, 92% of homes in the U.S. are using something other than oil to heat their homes.
  • You have a constant, steady supply of energy to your home. You will run out on a cold winter day, or have to deal with froze fuel lines. It also means to oil truck deliveries.

2. Helping Your Community

Currently, approximately 8.1 million homes in the United States still use fuel oil, a high emitter of carbon dioxide, as their main heating fuel. Three quarters (over 6 million) of those homes are located in the Northeast United States. Converting to natural gas heating is one great way to help your community.

If every community converted to Long Island natural gas we could:
  • Improve air quality in our communities by reducing emissions that deplete the ozone, cause acid rain and numerous illnesses such as asthma.
  • Reduce our country’s use of petroleum products by between 4 Billion and 6 Billion gallons per year.
  • Reduce our dependence on foreign oil. 98% of natural gas comes from North America. 56% of our oil comes from overseas.

3. Improving Our World

We all have to do our part to combat global climate change. Converting to natural gas is one way to start to improve our environment.

  • Every single home that converts to natural gas heating will emit up to 40% less CO2 and up to 100% less sulfur dioxide, two major contributors to global climate change and acid rain.
  • Global climate change is real, and the dramatic increase of fossil fuel combustion since the industrial age significant contributing factor.

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