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Long Island Air FiltrationWith home air filtration systems it’s all about you and your families comfort, because in today’s more energy-efficient homes which have better insulation and often times improved construction techniques the effect of sealing in more airborne irritants is much more extensive and likely than in older homes. Dust, dirt and pollen are circulating throughout a home’s heating and cooling ducts and vents and these unwanted particles can reside on your homes furnishings, contaminating the air that you breathe every day and can even restrict airflow and alter the performance of your homes air conditioning system too.

Ask Turnabout Plumbing about how we can help you clean your homes air for the occupant’s benefits of breathing fresh healthy clean air.

Whole-house Air Filtration Long Island

When it comes to indoor air pollution, there's no place of greater importance than your own home. Modern day homes which provide better insulation may keep the inclement weather occurrences firmly on the outside, but they can also keep unwanted contaminants on the inside. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air indoors where we spend as much as 90 percent of our time can be more polluted than even a smog filled city. And the dust and dirt you can see is just the beginning. The dust that is visible to the naked eye that you can see collecting on end tables and bookshelves is only a small fraction of what's actually floating around in your homes air: this invisible mix of dust mites, pollen, dander, mold, and smoke can be annoying, but to actually breathe it in on a consistent basis can in fact become hazardous to your health.

The best defense against airborne contaminants is to keep your home clean and well ventilated. But for those sensitive to air contaminants this may not be enough, and that's where air filtration systems from Turnabout Plumbing & Heating come to your defense.

The most cost effective and efficient manner to filter household air is through your home's existing forced-air heating or central air-conditioning system. The filters are built into the return-air ductwork, trapping particles as air passes through them. These systems are referred to as passive, and as long as the fan is running they are constantly filtering all the air in your home.

Learn More About Long Island Indoor Air Quality Equipment From Turnabout Plumbing & Heating

The Indoor Air Quality Equipment we recommend have all been thoroughly reviewed with the primary test criteria being ease of use, air flow, filter efficiency, product quality, design and power consumption. At Turnabout Plumbing we help you choose the right indoor air quality equipment for your Long Island home.

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